Latest News.... Watawama Version 2

We are now manufacturing a new model with a quench coil and a thermostat pocket to take a Honeywell quench valve. For use as the safety overheat for solid fuel boilers... Contact us for more information

Our Unique Solution…..

'To enable the combination of solar panels and a solid fuel boiler into an unvented hot water cylinder'


An open vented log/coal burning boiler catering for the central heating and hot water is currently in use. You would like to incorporate solar heating into the system.

At present the regulations will not allow the connection of a solid fuel boiler directly to an unvented hot water cylinder.

The 'watawama' solves the problem and combines an open vented and sealed heating system before the link to the hot water cylinder. This means that any single coil cylinder already in use does not need to be changed. There is no contravention of any regulations.

The 'watawama' heat transfer unit allows the integration of an unvented hot water cylinder with a solid fuel open vented heating system, which can then incorporate a sealed heating system; either solar, air source or gas fired.

The hot water cylinder only needs one heating coil as the 'watawama' has already integrated the two types of heating that have been decided upon, utilising its own unique in-built coil.

A small heating pump is required between the 'watawama' and hot water cylinder.

diagram 1
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